[VIDEO RECIPE] How to Make FRIED ZUCCHINI PASTA Like an Italian (Spaghetti alla Nerano)

- "Fried Zucchini pasta known as “Spaghetti alla Nerano” is a classic example of a local dish. It was born in the small fishing village of Nerano back in 1952 thanks to Maria Grazia and became famous because it was served in her family restaurant (and it still is)! The complete recipe has never been revealed, but this is an authentic local take and sure tastes like a plate of Italy to me combining fresh zucchini and basil along with delicious cheese. The creamy sauce and aroma of basil work so well together and infuse the zucchini with the most delectable flavour…now all we need is a beautiful sea view..!". 

Vincenzo's Plate - SYDNEY, AUS Take a fun Italian, add a selection of fresh ingredients, a cup of humor, a splash of love and realize that your life cannot go on without more from Vincenzo's plate! Vincenzo's Plate is more than just cooking, it's about traditions, rich ingredients and learning that you don't need to go to an expensive restaurant to eat an authentic Italian dish.

[VIDEO RECIPE] How to Make FRIED ZUCCHINI PASTA Like an Italian (Spaghetti alla Nerano):

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