[VIDEO RECIPE] Sicilian Caponata - Original Italian Recipe

- "Caponata is one of the most iconic side dish of the Sicilian cuisine: eggplants, celery, tomatoes and onions all together to create a special dish with a unique taste. Discover the original Sicilian recipe for caponata and taste it with some slices of bread or as a side dish for meat or fish!". Video by Giallo Zafferano Italian Recipes

INGREDIENTS SICILIAN CAPONATA (6 servings): Eggplant 1 kg, Celery 400 g, White onion 250 g, Copper tomato 200 g, Green olives 200 g, Salty capers (desalted) 50 g, Pine nuts 50 g, Sugar 60 g, White wine vinegar 60 g, Basil an, Tomato paste 40 g, Extra-virgin olive oil an (extra dose for eggplants frying), Fine salt to taste

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[VIDEO RECIPE] Sicilian Caponata - Original Italian Recipe:

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