[VIDEO RECIPE] How to Make BEEF LASAGNA Like an Italian | Recipe N°1037

- "Beef lasagna is a well-loved family meal all over the world and my version with a trio of cheeses, béchamel and homemade tomato passata in a word is: SUBLIME. Between each moist layer of fresh egg pasta sheets is a mixture of veal and pork mince, smothered in sweet tomato sauce. There are two key things to make yours as good as mine – you need patience and quality ingredients, no shredded mozzarella or cheap passata here. No need to thank me, just make it, eat it and share it". Video by Vincenzo's Plate.

INGREDIENTS BEEF LASAGNA: 500g/17.65oz organic grass fed veal mince, 500g/17.65oz organic grass fed pork mince, 1 carrot (diced into small cubes), 1 celery stick (diced into small cubes), ½ brown onion (diced into small cubes), 2 bottles Italian passata (homemade or organic if possible), 1 glass red wine, Salt & Pepper, Provolone cheese, Buffalo Mozzarella OR Fior di latte, Grated pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano, Fresh egg lasagna pasta sheets, Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). For Béchamel Sauce: 25g/0.88oz butter, 25g/1/8 cups plain flour, 250ml/8.45fl oz Milk, Sprinkle of salt, Sprinkle of nutmeg. 

Vincenzo's Plate - SYDNEY, AUS Take a fun Italian, add a selection of fresh ingredients, a cup of humor, a splash of love and realize that your life cannot go on without more from Vincenzo's plate! Vincenzo's Plate is more than just cooking, it's about traditions, rich ingredients and learning that you don't need to go to an expensive restaurant to eat an authentic Italian dish.

[VIDEO RECIPE] How to Make BEEF LASAGNA Like an Italian:

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