[VIDEO RECIPE] Pasta all'Amatricana - Gennaro Contaldo - Italian Special

- Pasta all'Amatricana is a very classic Italian pasta dish that goes back years and years. It's one of those pasta dishes, much like carbonara, that is so beautifully simple, but delivers no matter what mood you’re in, or what time of year it is. This is an absolute must have in the repertoire - give it a go, you won't look back! 

Gennaro Contaldo, is an Italian known for his association with his British protégé, Jamie Oliver, and his partnership with fellow Italian chef Antonio Carluccio and their BBC Two television series Two Greedy Italians. Contaldo is the brand ambassador for the luxury Italian holiday specialist Citalia.

[VIDEO RECIPE] Pasta all'Amatricana - Gennaro Contaldo - Italian Special:

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