[VIDEO RECIPE] Ricotta Cheese Balls - Original Italian Recipe

- "Tasty and nutritious, fried ricotta cheese balls with sauce are perfect for a vegetarian menu, and it can also be transformed into a gluten-free recipe by using gluten-free bread. Try our version of ricotta cheese balls with sauce and... it will be love at first taste!". Video by Giallo Zafferano Italian Recipes

INGREDIENTS RICOTTA CHEESE BALLS (4 servings): Ricotta cheese 350 g, Homemade bread 140 g (crumbs), Pecorino cheese 60 g (grated), Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese 40 g (grated), Eggs 2 (medium), Garlic ½ clove, Parsley 1 tbsp (chopped), Fine salt to taste, Black pepper to taste. FOR THE SAUCE: Tomato puree 750 g, Garlic 1 clove, Basil to taste, Extra virgin olive oil to taste, Salt to taste, Black pepper to taste

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[VIDEO RECIPE] Ricotta Cheese Balls - Original Italian Recipe:

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