[VIDEO RECIPE] Seafood Spaghetti - Original Italian Recipe

- "Seafood spaghetti is a classic Italian first dish: there are countless versions of this delicacy and today we offer ours, with clams and mussels together with the delicious meat of the prawns! Cook seafood spaghetti at your place: this dish is going to became your forte!". Video by Giallo Zafferano Italian Recipes

INGREDIENTS SEAFOOD SPAGHETTI (4 servings): Spaghetti 320 g, Mussels 1 kg, Clams 1 kg, Squids 300 g, Prawns 8, Cherry tomatoes 300 g, Extra-virgin olive oil 4 tbs, Garlic 1 clove, Parsley 1 tuft, White wine 40 g, Fine salt to taste, Black pepper to taste

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[VIDEO RECIPE] Seafood Spaghetti - Original Italian Recipe:

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