[VIDEO RECIPE] Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread: Traditional Recipe)

- "Panettone is the most traditional Italian Christmas recipe: a sweet bread loaf which comes in its traditional cupola shape flavoured with raisins, candied orange and citron. The awarded pastry chef Alfonso Pepe teach us how to prepare the traditional naturally leavened Panettone, fluffy and fragrant!". Video by Giallo Zafferano Italian Recipes

INGREDIENTS PANETTONE, FIRST MIX: Manitoba flour (high protein content flour) 250 g, Sourdough (freshened three times during the day) 65 g, Water 125 g, Butter 70 g, Sugar 65 g, Malt 2 g, Egg yolk 50 g. SECOND MIX: Manitoba flour (high protein content flour) 62 g, Sugar 50 g, Butter 40 g, Egg yolk 50 g, Raisins 150 g, Fine salt 2 g, Vanilla pod 1, Wattle honey 16 g, Candied cedar 30 g, Candied Orange 70 g, Orange paste 75 g, Tangerine paste 30 g, Lemon paste 20 g. 
Butter 20 g (for the panettone top). 
TANGERINE PASTE (OPTIONAL): Tangerine (or orange or lemon) 250 g, Sugar 125 g

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[VIDEO RECIPE] Panettone (Italian Christmas Bread: Traditional Recipe):

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